What to bring

What to bring for your Ayurveda trip

You spend a lot of your time in so-called sarongs (“wrap skirt”) or light bathrobes, which are provided by the resort. So take a few light clothes with you: cotton shirts and trousers, linen clothing, summer clothes …

Of course headgear (hat, cap, …), sunglasses, sunscreen with high sun protection and mosquitospray are important travel companions.

For staying at the Ayurveda resorts, you can pack flip-flops and comfortable (sports) shoes for excursions.

Bathing suite for refreshments in the pool or sea, ideally in consultation with the Ayurveda team.

In many Ayurveda resort there is a library, nevertheless we recommend to bring your own books and magazines.

Adapters for the electronic devices are helpful, in most Ayurveda resorts you can borrow them at the front desk. (Sockets type D / G)

Ayurveda washing utensils (soap, shower gel, …) are available at the Ayurveda resorts or can be purchased for a small additional charge.

Please bring any medicines you need to take and announce this to the local doctors. Findings and other information about your health are also useful to take with you and present to the doctors during the initial consultation.

Of course, you must take your passport with validity of at least 6 months on departure. India and Sri Lanka require visas, both of which can be requested online. After payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which you then print and take with you. We will gladly take over the visa organization for you at an additional cost.

In addition, we ask you to be at the airport 2 hours before departure to ensure a smooth flight.