My personal experience with Ayurveda

My personal experience with Ayurveda

For over 35 years I`ve been lucky, through my professional career, to tour the world, visit special places and experience foreign cultures and their lifestyles first hand.  My particular attention and love has always been on the inner peace and balance expressed by the people of India and Sri Lanka and the intensity of colour as well as the stimulation of the senses due to spices and food.

The traditional Ayurvedic medicine, which has a tradition of more than 500 thousand years, has become very close to my heart over the last years. In early 2000, during one of many trips to Kerala in India, I was fortunate enough to experience personal Ayurvedic medicine first-hand. Due to stress-related physical and mental symptoms, that could not be successfully treated with western medicine, I saw in the traditional Ayurvedic therapy in India my last resort. This has proven to be the perfect decision for me.

In dialogue with many customers over the last years, also showing interest in this type of healing and due to my personal enriching experience, as well as a lack of satisfactory services offered, the idea developed to use my vast expertise and connections to implement this special service.

For some time now we organise very successful Ayurveda-Tours in cooperation with carefully selected partners in India and Sri Lanka. Our team further includes specialists on burn-outs and Ayurveda trained doctors in Austria, as well as various Homeopath Practitioners. will take care of the whole trip organisation for you, tailored to your needs and desires. As well as during your travel you can rely on our professional care, regardless of whether you need pure recreation, relaxation and regeneration, or would like to tackle your stress or problems with the help of traditional intensive Ayurvedic treatment methods.

From start to finish, our medical team in Austria, India and Sri Lanka are at your side to provide you with the best advice and support available. Even after return from your Ayurveda Tour our doctors are available to accompany you throughout the post-healing process.

Are you interested – then take a look at our website and browse through the detailed offers.
For further questions, my team and I will be happy to assist you at anytime.

Warmest regards,

Andrea Popp